Heat Pumps

It’s all about comfort

Heat pumps are a reliable and energy-saving alternative to costly traditional heating and cooling systems. We are proud vendors of Mitsubishi Electric‘s Air Conditioning & Heating products and LG‘s ductless and central air heating and cooling systems. Our certified professionals take care of the installation and maintenance. Here are the different residential models. We will help you pick the right one for your home.

Mr. Slim

There’s a lot of smart thinking that goes into making Mr. Slim your best choice for year-round home comfort – we call this Advanced Technology. It includes features like Variable Compressor Speed Inverter (VCSI) technology, which helps Mr. Slim use only the energy needed to keep your room temperature and humidity right where you want them. It includes the whisper-quiet fans and compressors that work so silently you won’t even notice they’re on. It includes high-speed heating and cooling which get your rooms to the temperature you want when you’ve just come in from extreme outdoor conditions. And it includes all the advanced engineering to keep your home comfortable while saving you from rising energy costs. Now that’s smart thinking.


Designed for Canada’s environment, Zuba-Central replaces traditional means of heating and cooling with one quiet, compact, highly efficient, ducted system that can save space and significant annual energy costs. From energy-saving features like VCSI technology to powerhouse performance features like our Hyper-Heat Inverter (H2i) technology, Zuba-Central is packed with so many advancements that we have no reservations in calling it the true evolution in whole-home, year-round comfort.



The City Multi S-Series is the perfect solution for homes, small offices and light commercial applications. The dual piping system allows all City Multi solutions to switch between cooling and heating while maintaining a constant indoor climate. Flexibility, ease of installation, energy efficiency, high quality and low-maintenance operation are just some of the reasons home owner’s are making the decision to replace their old central air-conditioning systems with the S-Series from Mitsubishi Electric. The S-Series is also the perfect air-conditioning solution for homes with radiant floor heating systems.

Art Cool Prestige

prestige badge_20150630142530Our highest-performance, highest-efficiency single-room solution. In addition to stylish design and -25⁰C heating, LG Art Cool™ Prestige packs an unrivaled package of the most complete comfort solutions.

Art Cool Mirror

Art Cool Mirror badge_20130415150640Art Cool Mirror features a black tempered glass mirror face with chrome trim lines and matched -20⁰C heating performance with our Gloss White series.

Gloss White Indoor

High-efficiency-Single-Zone-Inverter_20150629142827High-performance heating & cooling with -20⁰C heating and a style that blends into any space.

Multi F

Multi badge_20130415154549With 2-8 indoor comfort zones, Multi F is a high-performance, high-efficiency whole house -20⁰C heating comfort solution.

Ceiling Cassette

Ceiling Casette_20110913110443Perfect for rooms where wall space is limited.