When we look at the future at BPM, we aim big and the industrial plumbing services are our next level.  With our ever growing project management team and a pool of knowledge at our disposal, your next industrial plumbing project is our challenge.  At BPM, our 31 years of experience has proven that through challenge, we prevail.



102-dsc00189As with our industrial plumbing division, the industrial heating services is where we’re heading.  From pulp & paper mills to refineries, we’ve recruited key personnel to make sure your next industrial project maintains the high level of quality BPM has been famous for in the last 31 years.  Let us make your mechanical project on time and on budget.



If you have a lot of air to move, you’ve reached the right place.  The industrial ventilation is our next step and we plan on moving a lot of air!  As with our industrial plumbing and heating branches, we’ve recruited the key personnel and we’ve acquired the right equipment to bring your high scale industrial ventilation project into focus.  We have what it takes, just sit back and watch.



Industrial refrigeration is very important in today’s high technological industries and that’s why we have the staff to maintain and repair your systems to assure longevity and profitability.  Our service contracts are the answer to all your maintenance and repair needs to keep your industry ahead of your competitors.